Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical Therapy based on people with bleeding disorders

In the past, people with bleeding disorders have been told to proceed with caution with some types of physical therapy, as some health professionals thought the movement could cause bleeding. Now, doctors and physiotherapists give patients the green light for many types of therapies. They even encourage patients to participate in certain exercises, especially swimming to build strength, prevent muscle wasting and reduce pain.

Therapy, aquatic or terrestrial, however, is not the same for everyone. People with bleeding disorders should know what is appropriate for their symptoms, age and overall health, saysMichael Uttecht, leading clinical physiotherapist at the MedStar University Hospital in Georgetown in Washington, DC, a hemophilia treatment center.

“Aquatic therapy provides an excellent environment for a person with advanced joint arthropathy (damage caused by internal bleeding) and must be exercised safely,” says Uttecht. “However, this antigravity environment will only strengthen the body to a limit. If continuous strengthening is the goal, then ground exercises should be put into practice. “

Time in the pool

Grace Volsen, a physical therapist at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center in Washington, recommends aquatic therapy to all of her patients with bleeding disorders. She says that the main benefit of exercising in the pool is that the patient can discharge approximately 65% ​​of their body weight through the buoyancy of the water. This helps increase strength and function, release their range of motion and reduce swelling and pain, he says.

In addition, aquatic therapy for patients with hemophilia positively affects motor performance and offers better aerobic capacity and mechanics, according to a study published in the journal “Hemophilia” in 2010. This is good news for people with motor disorders. clotting, says John J. Strouse, assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Hematology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. “I’m excited to see the studies that provide support for exercise-based interventions, since exercise is essential for a healthy life and an important component in maintaining a healthy weight.”

The results of this study are based on what clinical research has been doing for a long time. “Hemophilia providers have recommended exercise in water and other low-impact activities for many years but with little evidence,” says Strouse. “This study demonstrates a profound increase in aerobic capacity thanks to aquatic exercise and significant improvements. (approximately an increase of 15%) “.

The variety of water depths and customized programs, which mix aerobic activity, strength can help patients of all ages. However, some people, including those with skin disorders, incontinence or allergies to certain water treatments, should avoid aqua therapy, says Volsen.

Aquatic therapy can also help people with bleeding disorders prepare for surgery, such as knee replacements. It teaches them strengthening exercises can be done before and after the operation, says Volsen. “Once the surgeon drifts a patient for therapy, working against the buoyancy of the water is ideal for the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.”

After attending a physical therapy program run by a credentialed instructor, patients are encouraged to continue exercising in the pool on their own. The hot water, around 34 degrees, is ideal for aquatic therapy. The heated swimming pools can be a good option for the treatment of warm waters.

Volsen says that the optimal program for people with bleeding disorders combines hydrotherapy with ground-based therapy, which helps patients transfer their gains in the pool to the ground. “An aquatic environment gives the patient an opportunity to work in the range of movement and strength. This translates into activities in daily life, “she says. “They have more strength for housework, leisure and work.”

Out of the water

While terrestrial therapy is an option for some people with bleeding disorders, others have conditions that prevent them from trying. “It’s not good for everyone, especially for patients who have no physical condition, or weak, or overweight, or in poor health,” says Uttecht, who has been a physiotherapist for 15 years. A water environment is more supportive in those cases, he says.

The biggest drawback of land-based therapy is the amount of stress placed on the body. However, for the younger ones, set healthy, exercises on land to build strength better, Uttecht says.

Exercises performed in the gym or at home should be adapted individually for the patient, and for those who have chronic bleeding in the affected joints.

People with bleeding disorders should be lifelong learners of their condition, Uttecht says. “Life is a continuous learning process. We have to be smarter and see what is appropriate in each stage of life. “

An aquatic environment only strengthens the body to a limit, says Uttecht.People with bleeding disorders should resort to exercises on land if permanent consolidation therapy is the goal.

16 tips to be successful in life – PART 1

1. Be authentic

Deviating from one’s own path tends to happen more often than you think because you are not able to stay true to yourself.

Stagnation and not being able to keep growing is something that will inevitably happen if you do not follow your own steps.

You have to be honest about what you want to do and what you’re passionate about. How far do you want to go and who do you want to be in a few years?

Always answer these questions taking into account only your opinion and leaving the criticism and what others can tell you.

Do not try to pretend that you are not just because you think that if you were in a certain way, you would achieve everything you set out to do.

It is one thing to adopt new skills, improve your abilities and in itself, be someone better to get what you want.

Another thing is that you start acting like another person who is totally against who you are.

Always stay unique and authentic, do not be afraid to be yourself and express what you want.

There will be people who criticize you all the time regardless of what you say or want, then, why pretend or go by another path that you do not want?

Be happy with you and authentic for you and for your desire to be someone successful one day.


2. Eliminate your doubts

From time to time it is normal that you feel insecure and that with that comes one question after another about whether what you really want is what you are pursuing or if you can achieve it.

But although it is normal, the secret to never stop and have confidence is to eliminate all your doubts at the root.

If you think about them, surely most of them arise due to what others say about you. Or that when you see someone who does not achieve something similar to what you want to achieve, you think that you can not either.

To eliminate these doubts, first I recommend you stay away from the toxic people around you.

For example, conformist people who accept less than they aspired one day, are the first to make others begin to have doubts about whether they should continue to strive so hard for a goal.

This type of people is not good for you, and you should get away from them as soon as you can because, if you stay by their side, you will only get in your way to victory.

If you already have the doubt planted in you, then counteract its effect by thinking about why you want to keep trying, visualize your dreams and above all, turn a deaf ear to the rest of people who only criticize you or do not let you move forward.


3. Enjoy the way

Surely you have ever felt the excitement of discovering new things, improving as a person and your abilities to achieve what you want.

The key to everything in life is motivation , and to keep it always charged and to the fullest, seeking success has to be something more than looking for results.

You must live experiences and acquire knowledge not only to succeed, but also to enjoy the path that will lead you to success.

If every time you are trying to get something new, instead of enjoying the trip  you only focus on the final result, when you stumble upon the first stone you find, you will fall easily.

The reasons are very simple:

  1. It is very easy to lose your motivation to be so focused on giving the result that you do not stop to fill it enough.
  2. Finding yourself with that stone is even worse because you did not stop for a second before seeing it and now less, beyond it.

So the search for knowledge is part of enjoying it, learning new things, seeing how you can achieve what you want in various ways and even, maybe go beyond what you thought all this time.

Focus on the route and not only on the destination. Do not think so much about your goal but about everything you went through before you got there.


4. Use your imagination

Are you someone who constantly sees only the negative of things? Well, everything is a matter of how you imagine them.

Before I was a person who always complained about everything, that’s why it was hard for me to stay in one place, whether it was work or studies and when I realized how all that was destroying my dreams, I decided that I should give it a halt.

The way I did it is very simple, I used my imagination.

When something goes well for us, and we see how everything moves in our favor , we are always filled with an energy of motivation and positivism.

But when something goes wrong, then that energy simply goes to ground level.

So, instead of seeing everything as something you hate or do not like, why do not you start to see that situation in a more positive way?

Your imagination plays a major role here because it is not a matter of imagining that everything is fine or that you love something that you really do not feel very comfortable with. It’s just reformulating the situation.

If you hate your job or your boss, you simply have to see what you can learn from all this, from imagining the situation from a more positive point.


5. Create a plan

It is good to follow your instincts and sometimes see where they take you, but going without a blind planning is like walking in a jungle at night.

I do not tell you that you should know every step you will take, plan everything you plan to do, but knowing or knowing what to do in your next 2 or 3 steps is more than enough.

The main reason why you should have some degree of planning in your life, is mostly because of time and how you will do it.

In terms of days a week, many consider that Monday through Friday are the only days that you can really do something significant and that is wrong.

You can make the most of each day, but that also depends on how you plan to do things and at what time.

So in order not to be in a constant mess and having to do everything in a hurry or at the last minute, make a plan and use a calendar in the process.

For example, I have already planned the next step that I will give when I finish writing this article. One of the goals that I have set has been to be more organized, following the advice of Mom Multitasking .

For that reason, in my agenda I have written for today to create a list of the tasks that I must do tomorrow so that I do not forget anything.

I know what I’m going to do next to this and after that. In itself I do not have a plan for my whole life , because then I would lose myself to enjoy and live as such what is in the wonder of a new day.

But I am also prepared for the next step that I will take.


6. Do not expect someone else to do it for you

I lost count of how many people I’ve seen and know that instead of taking action and doing something, they always expect someone else to do it for them , as if that duty were the concern of others.

Your family, friends, partner, companion, all have their own problems and goals, so they are also going through a path that requires all their concentration and effort.

So each of them is busy with their own things.

Regardless of whether they are or not, you can not expect others to take you to achieve your goal, to be successful.

Everything depends on you, and it is very different to seek support to do it for you. Therefore, beyond not expecting that from others, do not let them do it.

It is a matter of conscience and that you understand that if you do not do it with your effort and fight for your dream, it will not mean anything and that simply will not even be your success.

If the case were that others can do it for you, where would the satisfaction be that after a long and hard journey, you finally achieved it on your own merits?

Start, finish or continue something, everything must be done by you and it is not something that you should do immediately since it does not matter how long it takes, the important thing is that you did it on your own.


7. Always avoid conflicts

When we are embarking on our path to success, you will find yourself with a million people, whether it is to get in your way or not, there will be some who simply will not get along with them.

The key to being successful is also getting along with everyone. 

No kisses and hugs but avoid conflict or some aggressive and negative exchange with others.

I know it’s hard to control yourself, but the best thing you can do to not get stuck, is not to waste your time with people who really will not positively influence your life.

I used to irritate easily and enter into some other conflict more frequently than I should, but one day I said to myself, “Why do I keep doing it if I do not get anything with it?” 

Since then I always avoid entering someone with someone, known or not and it has been incredible.

Less negative energy and I just focus on my goal and what I need to get it instead of spending my efforts on unnecessary fights.


8. Do not think small, only big

I have met people who have ambitions that sometimes, maybe they are too big but in the end, they have a mind that thinks big.

The problem is when instead of big, you think too small and that holds you back that you get what you want.

It is okay to set small goals and simply to reach the largest, but I have met a hundred people whose biggest goal is just to rent an apartment in the city and live on a salary with your partner.

I have nothing against it, but would not it be better to propose something like having your own home and a better job or salary?

The reason you think small is because you are partly conformist, which is the enemy of anyone who wants to be successful, that is, each one of us.

Set goals that represent a challenge and give you a reason to always keep moving. Think big, not only what you can achieve because you feel that it is the only thing among your possibilities.