Dog Training

The use of remote training collars for dogs is a highly emotional topic. Debates often deteriorate into name calling, personal attacks and accusations of animal cruelty. However, not all dog collars are shock collars. Many of them have beep and vibrate functions that are highly effective training tools.


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In beep mode, training collars emit a beep when the controller is pressed. Dog trainers use this beep as a marker, much like clicker training uses a clicker for positive reinforcement. For a beep to be effective, however, a dog must have prior training to associate the sound with a particular consequence. Trainers can also use a beep as an interrupt signal similar to blowing a whistle.

In vibrate mode, training collars use vibration to get a dog’s attention. This function works much like a vibrating phone or pager. Like the beep, trainers use vibration as a marker or interrupt signal. Neither mode delivers an electric shock to dogs. However, all training collars have a shock function that delivers an electric current to stimulate the dog.

Companies like Dogtra produce dog training collars that are designed for the most challenging training conditions. Customers can find collars for small breed training, sporting dogs and even K-9 Police work. These innovative collars use electronic shock, vibration, beeps and clicks to shape a dog’s obedience.

Keeping Pets Healthy

A dog or a cat can quickly become an important part of the family. Keeping a pet healthy can help extend their life, with the right diet. There are many different types of pet food, but knowing which ones deliver balanced vitamins and protein, can be a mystery. Without researching hundreds of pet foods on the market today, it is almost impossible to tell what brands are the best for a dog or cat.

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Pet food from Pet Flow, is an example of how online pet care businesses are providing all the research for potential clients. From food to toys, products are examined and recommended for purchase. In addition, some companies offer home delivery, saving numerous trips to pet stores.

Reputation is important to companies that rely on returning customers. By providing veterinarian-approved food, plus other pet supplies, online pet care companies can become a relied upon service. There are several good manufacturers of pet food. Without subjecting your pet to many different types of food, people can now know exactly what type of ingredients are included in pet food, by visiting one of these popular sites. Always select a company that has a good return policy, focuses on health and medical conditions of pets, and guarantees reasonable prices and delivery.

For our Furry Friends

Most of us are never alone. Whether we live alone or with friends and family, we go to work, to the store, to the restaurant, or even ride the bus or hang out in traffic. As human beings, we socialize every day whether we want it or not. While sometimes we never realize this factor and how helpful it is to our well-being, we sometimes forget that our pets need to socialize, too.


walkdogIn our busy lives, we make promises to our animals that we will take them for a walk, maybe a ride in the car or even get them another pet to spend time with while we are not at home. But while we make these promises, hectic schedules and the demands of modern life sometimes takes precedence over the needs of our beloved pets. Lately, there has been a rise in the cases of aggression in animals and more cases are reported of separation anxiety in our four-legged loved ones as furniture and clothes are destroyed while we go on with our busy lives.

The truth is pets need to have a social life, too. Whether it is taking them to the nearest dog park for some time with fellow canines or setting up play dates for your feline, animals need time among their peers just as much as humans do. To help develop a social life for your pet, a good way to do that is to join the social network for pets at By joining a social network, it is the best way to share the life of your pets with others who understand the joys and demands of animal lovers.