Odor Free, we’re happy!

No matter where they are, offensive odors are bad business. In a commercial environment, they can turn customers away. In the home, they can make occupants miserable. But all is not lost. OdorFreeMachines has a solution to the worst odor problems: ozone generators. How it works Ozone (O3), the triatomic allotrope of oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer. This means that it bonds to and neutralizes odors at the molecular level. Simply turn the machine on and leave the area while it works, then return to a fresh, odorless environment.

dewsmells fresh – image via pakeezahs.wordpress.com

Ozone gets everywhere, even into ducts and crawl spaces that would be impossible to reach otherwise. It not only deodorizes but disinfects, killing bacteria, mold and even crawling insects. Applications Ozone shock treatment can be used to deodorize any environment, from homes, offices and retail spaces to cars and boats. Ozone generators eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke and pet accidents as well as food odors and the scent of mold and mildew. The treatment leaves private homes, hotel rooms and recreational vehicles smelling clean and fresh. Even moist areas like pool houses and saunas smell clean after the ozone machine does its work. Trace amounts of ozone occur naturally in the environment. The larger amounts generated by the ozone machine decay quickly, leaving treated areas safe, sanitary and odor free. Ozone generators come in three sizes to leave any space smelling clean easily and inexpensively.