Knowing more about the beef on our table sells livestock scales to stockyards, veterinarian clinics and anyone who has the need to know the weight of a large animal such as a cow or horse. The use of these scales help farmers monitor the weight of their herd and make dietary changes if necessary. They help veterinarians get the correct dosage for an animal that is sick. They also help farmers get the most money for their stock when they are weighed at market.

angus beef….but before that…

Some Angus and Herefords can weigh over 2,000 pounds. Feeder cattle are commodities that are traded right along with other commodities like oil, silver and gold. Feeder cattle are those weaned calves that are sold to feed lots to fatten for the market. They are taken to the lot at approximately 600 pounds. They are ready for the market when they are over 1,000 pounds. This can take a few months to accomplish. These cattle are then sold for beef consumption. Between the gestation period and the time it takes to get the calf to market weight, two years can pass.

All commodities are the same regardless of where the commodity comes from in the world. That is why they are exchanged at market value. They are traded on a margin, and they have a contract size. The contract size for feeder cattle happens to be 50,000 pounds. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is responsible for the trading of feeder cattle contracts in the United States. The Brazilian market trades at the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange.