Advice to face the low temperatures in places where it is not usually cold

The low temperatures have taken by surprise to many inhabitants of Mexico, mainly in the central region, where it is not usual that frosts are registered. According to a report from the National Meteorological Service , a cold front causes states in the north and center to experience temperatures below 5 degrees below zero. This will not be limited to a single event, because in this winter season there are still 35 cold fronts according to official estimates .

The population of the central zone and the Mexican Bajío are not accustomed to extreme cold. Data from the National Water Commission , the lowest temperature recorded in 2016 for these states was 2 degrees and no sub-zero temperatures were recorded, while the national minimum average was 15 degrees centigrade.

In social networks, the conversation has revolved around the low temperatures. In Coahuila a man published the photograph of a snow monkey that he made as a promise to his mother after 32 years without snowfall in the state, while a video of the city of Real de Catorce (San Luis Potosí) covered in snow has been shared more than 1,900 times on Facebook.

There are several tips that can be followed to conserve the temperature without spending a lot of money in the winter season. Verne consulted Tomás Luna, from Guanajuato with five years of living in Vancouver, where temperatures of up to -24 degrees Celsius are recorded, and Abraham Sánchez, architect of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

Choose your clothes wisely . More than using bulky items, what Luna recommends is to wear several layers of clothing that you can exchange depending on your activities. “An error that Mexicans make is to put on bulky or huge jackets that are sometimes very hot, but they are impractical because if you do some activity that makes you warm up, then you can not easily remove it because the weather is still cold,” says to Verne via telephone.

Collate several garments of different thicknesses and preferably natural textiles such as cotton, are the keys that gives the filmmaker of 36 years. “A shirt, a light sweatshirt and then one or more pieces on top that you can take off or put as the day progresses,” he says.

Footwear is also essential, especially if snowfall occurs. Although in Mexico, the volume of snow recorded is relatively low, there may be rain or sleet that can freeze the extremities. “Boots that are preferably waterproof help a lot so you do not get your feet wet,” says Luna.

On the other hand, although covering the head is important to maintain body temperature, doing it with exotic skin is not very helpful. “Those fur hats that look like Russians can be very flashy, but they do not really help against the cold,” says the Mexican. Wearing a knitted cap is the best way to conserve heat.

Eat healthily. Infusions and hot soups do help to warm up, according to Ángel Nieto , an internist at Hospital Clínico San Carlos. “In Canada you usually eat baked potatoes, with meat and also donuts and pretty sweet bread,” says Luna. If the person’s physical activity is low, it is not recommended that you eat fatty foods to avoid weight gain. In this case, a combination of carbohydrates of natural origin is suggested, such as rice and pasta and vegetables such as potatoes and other tubers.

Adapt your home According to the architect Sánchez, one of the simplest tips to conserve heat in a room is to focus on the windows, “sealing” them with plastic. “It can be anybody, although one that can be used is the self-adhesive type for lining notebooks. It is put in all the glass but particularly in the unions with blacksmith shop “, says to Verne via email.

The engineer also recommends not keeping the homes closed for a long time, to take advantage of the sunny moments that exist in the country in winter. “Passing midday it is convenient to open windows and let everything ventilate, but without exceeding: maximum about 20 minutes if the air outside is still frozen,” he says.

Frozen pipelines are the most frequent problems for Mexican homes, as the infrastructure of a house is usually not adapted to withstand temperatures below zero. “If you do not have a recirculation system it is very easy to freeze them and unless they are exposed it is impossible to apply heat directly (sometimes with a hair dryer you can do it if the pipe is visible),” says Sánchez .

The expert recommends emptying the pipe at night or at times when there is no use of water. “You close the main stopcock and you open all the keys, to prevent water from getting inside. In the morning you can open the stopcock and have it recirculate again “recommended.

If there is an imminent risk of freezing and the pipe is not visible, placing salt in water tanks or cisterns can prevent water from freezing, especially when temperatures are not so low, as salt delays or sometimes prevents freezing .

If you have more resources in the home, an electric heater can help maintain the temperature of the rooms, although they should be kept well ventilated and be careful of the regulation of the temperature according to the size of the room in which find


  1. Before exposing yourself to the cold, cover yourself well! Properly protected before exposure to cold will prevent the body from losing heat. When a cooling chart starts (when we begin to feel cold), the body must invest extra energy trying to recover the temperature and it is something that causes fatigue. That’s why I always prevent it from happening. My first mountaineering and climbing teacher told me one day something I will never forget: Dany, if you feel cold it is too late. Always try to protect yourself long before you feel it. Always remember it!
  2. Always cover your mouth and nose! Breathing cold air directly causes the body to lose temperature and increases the risk of contracting diseases. And it is something very easy to deal with, you just have to bring something with you to put there as a barrier, that half warm the air before entering your body. And it is already depending on how cold it is, if you wear a simple scarf or a thermal neck, which also encapsulate the heat radiated by the body.
  3. Get dressed in layers! A suitable clothing by layers (with thermal interiors as I will show in the video) allows the air to circulate freely around the body, keeping it dry and encapsulating the heat. This guarantees an effective and comfortable protection at all times. In addition, it will allow you to adapt to changes in temperature when moving from closed to outdoor spaces, because if at some point you feel some heat, it is just taking one of the layers off and thus regulating the path. Ahh! and as a traveler it is important, because this way I avoid the use of heavy garments, which only make the body breathe more, moistening it and producing a rapid loss of heat.
  4. Cover your hands and ears. In cold environments, the brain sends more blood to the center of the body to protect the vital organs. This makes the extremities more prone and vulnerable to cooling. Therefore, good protection of hands, ears and feet is essential to maintain the temperature always at healthy and comfortable levels. It’s a little technical explanation, but it’s good that you know it, because this topic is my passion and here I am happy writing for you! I am more than a traveler, I am an adventurer of life, and there is nothing I like more than walking in the mountains.
  5. Please, do not use double media! And yes, believe it! It is something that most people still do when feeling cold and that before is counterproductive. Doing this will leave your feet so tight that, instead of retaining the heat, it will block the circulation of the air (and still, of your feet), generating not only discomfort, but a much greater cooling by the humidity. Rather, it uses thick woolen socks or high protection technical materials.
  6. Eat even better in winter. In a nutshell: intake more calories. In prolonged exposures to the cold, the body requires a greater consumption of liquids and a much higher diet of calories, as well as vitamins, especially A and C. Foods such as nuts, fruits and all kinds of sweets and healthy snacks, help a lot with the thermoregulation process, which is the body’s control system to maintain stable body temperature.
  7. Protect yourself from solar radiation. By this I mean you make good use of sunscreen, on the lips and skin. In addition to dryness and the risk of heat stroke, unprotected exposure dehydrates and alters the thermoregulation process, thus weakening the body.

16 tips to be successful in life – PART 2

9. Find what you love and do it!

Successful people do not wake up one day and choose the first thing they see to do, they all got where they are because in addition to effort, it is something they truly love.

There is a big difference in doing something out of obligation to do something that you really enjoy and love. 

You will never put your 100% in an activity or goal that you deeply, do not want or would not mind fulfilling or not, so always look for what you want to do and pursue just that.

I started college in a different career than the one I ended up studying and believe me, both are polar opposites. 

But the reason why I gave up the first one is because all the time I thought that I wanted to, at the end it was not like that and I realized that it was not what I loved.

That’s why I changed and ended up doing another that to this day, I do not regret having made the change.

I do everything with passion and my 200% in effort and my goals are much simpler to pursue when it really is something I love.


10. Believe that if you can be successful

It will not help much if you set out to find your own goals if you do not think you can achieve them.

Besides the external agents to us and all those people who stop to tell us that we can not get something,the truth is that the biggest limitations are ourselves.

Why? Because you stop yourself by not believing in yourself and in having the capabilities to achieve whatever you set out to do.

There are many who do not even take the first step because they do not believe in themselves and that they have what is necessary.

When I started writing I did not have much confidence in myself and what I wrote, so I was delaying more and more taking that step of sharing or trying my luck somewhere.

I was always quite pessimistic so it was more than two years after I decided to take the step to start and just, throw myself without caring something else.

Of course, not in all the places that I tried I had a good critique or approval, but in others yes and that s ignifica everything for me and therefore, gave me much more confidence and encouragement to believe in myself.

You will not know the results until you try it and even if you fail, that does not mean that you do not comply with the “requirements” but that you only have to improve to reach and be able to climb that wall.


11. Control your emotions

Part of being successful is being able to control your emotions, be emotionally intelligent and behave at the height of the situation.

Without a doubt you must have had more than once those moments in which you want to go against everyone or want to show your joy to the fullest.

Each of your emotions can influence your thoughts and above all, your behavior, so you should always be aware of it and not give the wrong idea.

I’m not saying that you stop being an emotional person like the rest, but you do learn to manage them. 

It is not a question of repressing you and never showing them, but of doing it in the right and correct moment and situation .

You usually miss many opportunities to get carried away by a bad day and when you have something important just during that same, you show your displeasure or bad temper to people who have nothing to do with him and even if they had it, in the same way you are affecting your step towards success.


12. Read more

Do you know how many books are read by successful people a week? At least one, but it’s something they do constantly and never leave it.

Personally, I try to read between 2 or 3 books a week depending on the time I have free.

One is usually about a novel of my favorite genre but the rest about motivation or one that I choose at random.

The books are a box of surprises that is full of teachings and something else depending on what you are looking for.

They have many more benefits than you think, including increasing your vocabulary and becoming someone with a philosophy of life more successful and positive.

Many successful people spend 50% of their day or even more reading.

Warren Buffett even invests 80%! and like Waqar Ahmed, he recommends reading what you like and will bring good things to your life. In fact, an example is that  reading is the best activity for the elderly  along with sports.

Learn other benefits that exist for the elderly in this article .

If you want to know more about why you should start reading more often, read the following article on reading benefits.


13. Rate the time alone

Some fear loneliness, others choose not to be alone out of simple boredom, but think for a few seconds about the things you can do alone.

Every day we need some time for ourselves and when you run away from solitude, you are running away from that quality time for yourself.

When I am alone and I get that time for myself , I dedicate myself to doing activities that I like, that give me motivation as well as other times I simply take a break from the course of the day.

However, what I do most during that quality time, is reflect and be alone with my thoughts, think about what is happening to me and my surroundings.

You must process each new thing well or even repeat something that influences your life in any way, as well as if you want you can think about recapping your entire day.

Instead of escaping from that time, take it and dedicate it to yourself and enjoy it as well as use it for reflection.


14. Exercise regularly

Mental health is something that you should always maintain at the healthiest level possible.

When I refer you to exercise regularly, it is not limited to physical but also mental, such as assembling puzzles, playing strategy games, any activity that puts your brain to work.

Now, in terms of physical exercise, you can have set your goals and be giving everything for what you want, but if you do not have a physical condition that helps you support all the energy you spend, then at some point you will have a relapse.

I exercise daily, and previously I was someone too lazy to do ANY activity that required physical effort.

However, spending hours writing and reading, although exercising my mind, the truth is that I was horribly neglecting the rest of my body in general.

This was one of the reasons why I started exercising. Previously, I got tired very easily even when I was not doing a physical activity and it was that, it burned so much energy but my body was not tolerating the amount that it demanded.

When I exercise, I have much more resistance in all aspects and that is precisely what you should have if you want to endure all the trot that will take you to be successful.


15. Improved communication

If you want to be successful, you need to learn to communicate clear and concise, in fact, this is one of the most important tips because in this way, you will avoid misunderstandings and express an idea perfectly.

This goes especially for those who want to be successful and, at the same time, leaders someday. 

If you are someone shy, who finds it difficult to express what they want or want, any failure you have in your communication is harmful so that you can relate to the rest of the people around you.

In addition, you will be missing many opportunities that could lead you to success simply because you can not say well some thought you have.

So, take time to improve your communication. It is not simply choosing the words well, but using the correct tone of voice and body language according to what you are trying to convey.

Sometimes you will have to be direct, like others, to fall in love with the audience or the person you are addressing with some other word.

Be someone who adapts to any conversation and environment that requires good communication.


16. Practice being grateful

You, me and every person in the world, need to learn and be more grateful to everyone around you even if it is in the smallest detail.

When you are someone successful or you want to be one, you will always have people or at least you will find some that will help you achieve that dream you so aspire to.

On the other hand, there will be people who will work for you, who will be your right hand and that is that throughout the path you walk, there will always be someone who deserves your gratitude.

So do not forget to be grateful. Besides showing that you really appreciate what others have done for you and your help, it makes you a better person.

Every day that goes by or every thing that I get from whoever it is, I always say at least a little “thank you”that shows that I really appreciate it.

If you have workers, show them that you are aware of their effort and thank them.

If they have helped you on your way to success, show those people that without them, the road would have been even more difficult.

Thank yourself for never giving up. 

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy based on people with bleeding disorders

In the past, people with bleeding disorders have been told to proceed with caution with some types of physical therapy, as some health professionals thought the movement could cause bleeding. Now, doctors and physiotherapists give patients the green light for many types of therapies. They even encourage patients to participate in certain exercises, especially swimming to build strength, prevent muscle wasting and reduce pain.

Therapy, aquatic or terrestrial, however, is not the same for everyone. People with bleeding disorders should know what is appropriate for their symptoms, age and overall health, saysMichael Uttecht, leading clinical physiotherapist at the MedStar University Hospital in Georgetown in Washington, DC, a hemophilia treatment center.

Aquatic therapy provides an excellent environment for a person with advanced joint arthropathy (damage caused by internal bleeding) and must be exercised safely,” says Uttecht. “However, this antigravity environment will only strengthen the body to a limit. If continuous strengthening is the goal, then ground exercises should be put into practice. ”

Time in the pool

Grace Volsen, a physical therapist at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center in Washington, recommends aquatic therapy to all of her patients with bleeding disorders. She says that the main benefit of exercising in the pool is that the patient can discharge approximately 65% ​​of their body weight through the buoyancy of the water. This helps increase strength and function, release their range of motion and reduce swelling and pain, he says.

In addition, aquatic therapy for patients with hemophilia positively affects motor performance and offers better aerobic capacity and mechanics, according to a study published in the journal “Hemophilia” in 2010. This is good news for people with motor disorders. clotting, says John J. Strouse, assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Hematology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. “I’m excited to see the studies that provide support for exercise-based interventions, since exercise is essential for a healthy life and an important component in maintaining a healthy weight.”

The results of this study are based on what clinical research has been doing for a long time. “Hemophilia providers have recommended exercise in water and other low-impact activities for many years but with little evidence,” says Strouse. “This study demonstrates a profound increase in aerobic capacity thanks to aquatic exercise and significant improvements. (approximately an increase of 15%) “.

The variety of water depths and customized programs, which mix aerobic activity, strength can help patients of all ages. However, some people, including those with skin disorders, incontinence or allergies to certain water treatments, should avoid aqua therapy, says Volsen.

Aquatic therapy can also help people with bleeding disorders prepare for surgery, such as knee replacements. It teaches them strengthening exercises can be done before and after the operation, says Volsen. “Once the surgeon drifts a patient for therapy, working against the buoyancy of the water is ideal for the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.”

After attending a physical therapy program run by a credentialed instructor, patients are encouraged to continue exercising in the pool on their own. The hot water, around 34 degrees, is ideal for aquatic therapy. The heated swimming pools can be a good option for the treatment of warm waters.

Volsen says that the optimal program for people with bleeding disorders combines hydrotherapy with ground-based therapy, which helps patients transfer their gains in the pool to the ground. “An aquatic environment gives the patient an opportunity to work in the range of movement and strength. This translates into activities in daily life, “she says. “They have more strength for housework, leisure and work.”

Out of the water

While terrestrial therapy is an option for some people with bleeding disorders, others have conditions that prevent them from trying. “It’s not good for everyone, especially for patients who have no physical condition, or weak, or overweight, or in poor health,” says Uttecht, who has been a physiotherapist for 15 years. A water environment is more supportive in those cases, he says.

The biggest drawback of land-based therapy is the amount of stress placed on the body. However, for the younger ones, set healthy, exercises on land to build strength better, Uttecht says.

Exercises performed in the gym or at home should be adapted individually for the patient, and for those who have chronic bleeding in the affected joints.

People with bleeding disorders should be lifelong learners of their condition, Uttecht says. “Life is a continuous learning process. We have to be smarter and see what is appropriate in each stage of life. ”

An aquatic environment only strengthens the body to a limit, says Uttecht. People with bleeding disorders should resort to exercises on land if permanent consolidation therapy is the goal.


Bonus: The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

16 tips to be successful in life – PART 1

1. Be authentic

Deviating from one’s own path tends to happen more often than you think because you are not able to stay true to yourself.

Stagnation and not being able to keep growing is something that will inevitably happen if you do not follow your own steps.

You have to be honest about what you want to do and what you’re passionate about. How far do you want to go and who do you want to be in a few years?

Always answer these questions taking into account only your opinion and leaving the criticism and what others can tell you.

Do not try to pretend that you are not just because you think that if you were in a certain way, you would achieve everything you set out to do.

It is one thing to adopt new skills, improve your abilities and in itself, be someone better to get what you want.

Another thing is that you start acting like another person who is totally against who you are.

Always stay unique and authentic, do not be afraid to be yourself and express what you want.

There will be people who criticize you all the time regardless of what you say or want, then, why pretend or go by another path that you do not want?

Be happy with you and authentic for you and for your desire to be someone successful one day.


2. Eliminate your doubts

From time to time it is normal that you feel insecure and that with that comes one question after another about whether what you really want is what you are pursuing or if you can achieve it.

But although it is normal, the secret to never stop and have confidence is to eliminate all your doubts at the root.

If you think about them, surely most of them arise due to what others say about you. Or that when you see someone who does not achieve something similar to what you want to achieve, you think that you can not either.

To eliminate these doubts, first I recommend you stay away from the toxic people around you.

For example, conformist people who accept less than they aspired one day, are the first to make others begin to have doubts about whether they should continue to strive so hard for a goal.

This type of people is not good for you, and you should get away from them as soon as you can because, if you stay by their side, you will only get in your way to victory.

If you already have the doubt planted in you, then counteract its effect by thinking about why you want to keep trying, visualize your dreams and above all, turn a deaf ear to the rest of people who only criticize you or do not let you move forward.


3. Enjoy the way

Surely you have ever felt the excitement of discovering new things, improving as a person and your abilities to achieve what you want.

The key to everything in life is motivation , and to keep it always charged and to the fullest, seeking success has to be something more than looking for results.

You must live experiences and acquire knowledge not only to succeed, but also to enjoy the path that will lead you to success.

If every time you are trying to get something new, instead of enjoying the trip  you only focus on the final result, when you stumble upon the first stone you find, you will fall easily.

The reasons are very simple:

  1. It is very easy to lose your motivation to be so focused on giving the result that you do not stop to fill it enough.
  2. Finding yourself with that stone is even worse because you did not stop for a second before seeing it and now less, beyond it.

So the search for knowledge is part of enjoying it, learning new things, seeing how you can achieve what you want in various ways and even, maybe go beyond what you thought all this time.

Focus on the route and not only on the destination. Do not think so much about your goal but about everything you went through before you got there.


4. Use your imagination

Are you someone who constantly sees only the negative of things? Well, everything is a matter of how you imagine them.

Before I was a person who always complained about everything, that’s why it was hard for me to stay in one place, whether it was work or studies and when I realized how all that was destroying my dreams, I decided that I should give it a halt.

The way I did it is very simple, I used my imagination.

When something goes well for us, and we see how everything moves in our favor , we are always filled with an energy of motivation and positivism.

But when something goes wrong, then that energy simply goes to ground level.

So, instead of seeing everything as something you hate or do not like, why do not you start to see that situation in a more positive way?

Your imagination plays a major role here because it is not a matter of imagining that everything is fine or that you love something that you really do not feel very comfortable with. It’s just reformulating the situation.

If you hate your job or your boss, you simply have to see what you can learn from all this, from imagining the situation from a more positive point.


5. Create a plan

It is good to follow your instincts and sometimes see where they take you, but going without a blind planning is like walking in a jungle at night.

I do not tell you that you should know every step you will take, plan everything you plan to do, but knowing or knowing what to do in your next 2 or 3 steps is more than enough.

The main reason why you should have some degree of planning in your life, is mostly because of time and how you will do it.

In terms of days a week, many consider that Monday through Friday are the only days that you can really do something significant and that is wrong.

You can make the most of each day, but that also depends on how you plan to do things and at what time.

So in order not to be in a constant mess and having to do everything in a hurry or at the last minute, make a plan and use a calendar in the process.

For example, I have already planned the next step that I will give when I finish writing this article. One of the goals that I have set has been to be more organized, following the advice of Mom Multitasking .

For that reason, in my agenda I have written for today to create a list of the tasks that I must do tomorrow so that I do not forget anything.

I know what I’m going to do next to this and after that. In itself I do not have a plan for my whole life , because then I would lose myself to enjoy and live as such what is in the wonder of a new day.

But I am also prepared for the next step that I will take.


6. Do not expect someone else to do it for you

I lost count of how many people I’ve seen and know that instead of taking action and doing something, they always expect someone else to do it for them , as if that duty were the concern of others.

Your family, friends, partner, companion, all have their own problems and goals, so they are also going through a path that requires all their concentration and effort.

So each of them is busy with their own things.

Regardless of whether they are or not, you can not expect others to take you to achieve your goal, to be successful.

Everything depends on you, and it is very different to seek support to do it for you. Therefore, beyond not expecting that from others, do not let them do it.

It is a matter of conscience and that you understand that if you do not do it with your effort and fight for your dream, it will not mean anything and that simply will not even be your success.

If the case were that others can do it for you, where would the satisfaction be that after a long and hard journey, you finally achieved it on your own merits?

Start, finish or continue something, everything must be done by you and it is not something that you should do immediately since it does not matter how long it takes, the important thing is that you did it on your own.


7. Always avoid conflicts

When we are embarking on our path to success, you will find yourself with a million people, whether it is to get in your way or not, there will be some who simply will not get along with them.

The key to being successful is also getting along with everyone. 

No kisses and hugs but avoid conflict or some aggressive and negative exchange with others.

I know it’s hard to control yourself, but the best thing you can do to not get stuck, is not to waste your time with people who really will not positively influence your life.

I used to irritate easily and enter into some other conflict more frequently than I should, but one day I said to myself, “Why do I keep doing it if I do not get anything with it?” 

Since then I always avoid entering someone with someone, known or not and it has been incredible.

Less negative energy and I just focus on my goal and what I need to get it instead of spending my efforts on unnecessary fights.


8. Do not think small, only big

I have met people who have ambitions that sometimes, maybe they are too big but in the end, they have a mind that thinks big.

The problem is when instead of big, you think too small and that holds you back that you get what you want.

It is okay to set small goals and simply to reach the largest, but I have met a hundred people whose biggest goal is just to rent an apartment in the city and live on a salary with your partner.

I have nothing against it, but would not it be better to propose something like having your own home and a better job or salary?

The reason you think small is because you are partly conformist, which is the enemy of anyone who wants to be successful, that is, each one of us.

Set goals that represent a challenge and give you a reason to always keep moving. Think big, not only what you can achieve because you feel that it is the only thing among your possibilities.