30 tips to choose the best domain for your business: Part 2/3

  1. If you intend to be visited from other countries, avoid the ñ at all costs.
  2. Register your domain as soon as possible . If you have more or less clear do not hesitate, register it will not be “stolen.” In addition, domains tend to be worth less than € 10, better not use it than not have it.
  3. Choose the .com domain as the first option . Your page will be well positioned around the world and the .com termination is the easiest to remember.
  4. If your business is going to focus only on your country, you can also use the generic of your country (Spain .es, Peru .pe, Mexico .mx, etc.). Your page will be well positioned in your country, but not outside.
  5. If possible, register all the possible options (.com, .es, .net, .org), this way you will avoid that competition appears with your same name.
  6. You can also register the plural or singular of your domain name, as well as the feminine and masculine, if possible.
  7. It is preferable that the domain is hosted in the same country as the website and the company , especially for positioning in that country.
  8. When you register, make sure that the registration is made in your name or that of your company. Avoid future legal problems.
  9. Before registering your new domain, ask for opinion from other people. Sometimes what seems like a great idea to us may seem ridiculous to others. Keep in mind other points of view.
  10. Use specialized tools to study different possibilities, such as Domain Name Generator or Domain Typo Generator.

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