30 tips to choose the best domain for your business: Part 1/3

The choice of the domain is a fundamental part for any website . A good domain can help you with positioning if you include a keyword and can improve the brand image that your site transmits if it is attractive.

Every day it is more difficult to find an original domain, attractive and free, but with a little patience and imagination, we will find the ideal domain. Here are some general tips:

  1. Choose a domain that is easy to write , verbalize or spell. Think about whether you could give your domain by phone to another person easily. If so, it is a good domain.
  2. Choose a domain as short as possible . Big brands also use short names. Today there are no free .com domains of 1.2 or 3 letters left, hurry up!
  3. Choose a domain that is easy to remember . If the name has any meaning, you will make it easier, and if it is catchy you have a lot of livestock.
  4. If you can, buy a domain with antiquity . The search engines give more value to the domains with more years, so your website will be better positioned.
  5. If the domain contains any relevant keyword , you will have many points earned to appear in the first searches of that keyword, so if you can and it does not look too bad, take advantage.
  6. Choose a domain name that has something to do with your activity . At least it is intuited.
  7. If your company or startup already has a brand or original name, use this name for the domain and for the site in general, otherwise it could disorient your users.
  8. Avoid the middle (-) and low (_) hyphens . Many people do not know or get confused and could lead to errors, so you would lose visits and possible customers.
  9. For the same reason, avoid words of unclear spelling or unusual terms, there are no doubts. If people do not know how to write it …
  10. Also avoid the numbers in the domain. They do not like and they are not easily remembered.

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