Getting back to the basics: quilts

earthpatchquiltThere are some decorative accessories that have the amazing ability to influence the atmosphere of a room just as soon as you bring them in. An example of such an influential accessory is a patchwork quilt. When you are contemplating updating a bedroom decor or decorating a bedroom in your new home, there are several reasons why you should consider incorporating a patchwork quilt into the design. First and foremost, patchwork quilts are beautiful.

Regardless of what color scheme you choose or what specific patchwork design you select, the quilt actually becomes a piece of artistry in the room. Typically, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom design. Using a patchwork quilt as your bed covering will make the room’s focal point tremendously more impressive. Another reason to choose a patchwork quilt as your bed covering is it’s simplicity. Current decor trends emphasize the value of keeping your decor simple. Understated beauty is a priority. When you add a gorgeous quilt to your bed, there’s no need to add lots of other accessories. A bedskirt and possibly a few pillows are all you need to make your bed exquisitely attractive.

Eliminating the need for lots of frills and fancy accessories leaves more money in the decorating budget. You can concentrate on purchasing high quality, beautifully simplistic bedding such as that found at Linens-N-More. Their magnificent quilts will make your master bedroom, guest room or kid’s room look absolutely stunning.

For our Furry Friends

Most of us are never alone. Whether we live alone or with friends and family, we go to work, to the store, to the restaurant, or even ride the bus or hang out in traffic. As human beings, we socialize every day whether we want it or not. While sometimes we never realize this factor and how helpful it is to our well-being, we sometimes forget that our pets need to socialize, too.


walkdogIn our busy lives, we make promises to our animals that we will take them for a walk, maybe a ride in the car or even get them another pet to spend time with while we are not at home. But while we make these promises, hectic schedules and the demands of modern life sometimes takes precedence over the needs of our beloved pets. Lately, there has been a rise in the cases of aggression in animals and more cases are reported of separation anxiety in our four-legged loved ones as furniture and clothes are destroyed while we go on with our busy lives.

The truth is pets need to have a social life, too. Whether it is taking them to the nearest dog park for some time with fellow canines or setting up play dates for your feline, animals need time among their peers just as much as humans do. To help develop a social life for your pet, a good way to do that is to join the social network for pets at By joining a social network, it is the best way to share the life of your pets with others who understand the joys and demands of animal lovers.

Odor Free, we’re happy!

No matter where they are, offensive odors are bad business. In a commercial environment, they can turn customers away. In the home, they can make occupants miserable. But all is not lost. OdorFreeMachines has a solution to the worst odor problems: ozone generators. How it works Ozone (O3), the triatomic allotrope of oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer. This means that it bonds to and neutralizes odors at the molecular level. Simply turn the machine on and leave the area while it works, then return to a fresh, odorless environment.

dewsmells fresh – image via

Ozone gets everywhere, even into ducts and crawl spaces that would be impossible to reach otherwise. It not only deodorizes but disinfects, killing bacteria, mold and even crawling insects. Applications Ozone shock treatment can be used to deodorize any environment, from homes, offices and retail spaces to cars and boats. Ozone generators eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke and pet accidents as well as food odors and the scent of mold and mildew. The treatment leaves private homes, hotel rooms and recreational vehicles smelling clean and fresh. Even moist areas like pool houses and saunas smell clean after the ozone machine does its work. Trace amounts of ozone occur naturally in the environment. The larger amounts generated by the ozone machine decay quickly, leaving treated areas safe, sanitary and odor free. Ozone generators come in three sizes to leave any space smelling clean easily and inexpensively.

Unique Baby Shower Favors

You can find the most unique baby shower favors at They have fantastic prices, fast shipping, and fun favors that are perfect for any type of shower. Whether you want something cheap for a large gathering or something a little more special for an smaller event, ABC has the favors you are searching for.


Candy Wrappers and Fortune Cookies Pick up adorable candy wrappers and wrap up some chocolate bars as door prizes. It’s a fun activity, and your guests will enjoy reading the inscriptions on the wrappers. A lovely little take home that fits neatly in a scrapbook, the wrapped bars can also be used in centerpieces. You can also choose wonderful fortune cookies that are partially dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with decorations and feature a fun little fortune for a boy or girl.

The Advice Game No shower is complete without some friendly advice, and these cards make it easy for the expectant mother to keep all her fresh tidbits in one place. Friends can write down their advice and then you can vote on winners for the most humorous or must helpful information. You can even use these personalized cards as invitations, or let guests write their wishes for the new baby on the cards as a keepsake. No baby shower is complete without some fun favors. Don’t settle for plain favors available at the store. Choose something different and fun with baby favors from ABC. Their prices are attractive, and their fast shipping means that even a last minute party can have fantastic personalized baby favors.