16 tips to be successful in life – PART 2

9. Find what you love and do it!

Successful people do not wake up one day and choose the first thing they see to do, they all got where they are because in addition to effort, it is something they truly love.

There is a big difference in doing something out of obligation to do something that you really enjoy and love. 

You will never put your 100% in an activity or goal that you deeply, do not want or would not mind fulfilling or not, so always look for what you want to do and pursue just that.

I started college in a different career than the one I ended up studying and believe me, both are polar opposites. 

But the reason why I gave up the first one is because all the time I thought that I wanted to, at the end it was not like that and I realized that it was not what I loved.

That’s why I changed and ended up doing another that to this day, I do not regret having made the change.

I do everything with passion and my 200% in effort and my goals are much simpler to pursue when it really is something I love.


10. Believe that if you can be successful

It will not help much if you set out to find your own goals if you do not think you can achieve them.

Besides the external agents to us and all those people who stop to tell us that we can not get something,the truth is that the biggest limitations are ourselves.

Why? Because you stop yourself by not believing in yourself and in having the capabilities to achieve whatever you set out to do.

There are many who do not even take the first step because they do not believe in themselves and that they have what is necessary.

When I started writing I did not have much confidence in myself and what I wrote, so I was delaying more and more taking that step of sharing or trying my luck somewhere.

I was always quite pessimistic so it was more than two years after I decided to take the step to start and just, throw myself without caring something else.

Of course, not in all the places that I tried I had a good critique or approval, but in others yes and that s ignifica everything for me and therefore, gave me much more confidence and encouragement to believe in myself.

You will not know the results until you try it and even if you fail, that does not mean that you do not comply with the “requirements” but that you only have to improve to reach and be able to climb that wall.


11. Control your emotions

Part of being successful is being able to control your emotions, be emotionally intelligent and behave at the height of the situation.

Without a doubt you must have had more than once those moments in which you want to go against everyone or want to show your joy to the fullest.

Each of your emotions can influence your thoughts and above all, your behavior, so you should always be aware of it and not give the wrong idea.

I’m not saying that you stop being an emotional person like the rest, but you do learn to manage them. 

It is not a question of repressing you and never showing them, but of doing it in the right and correct moment and situation .

You usually miss many opportunities to get carried away by a bad day and when you have something important just during that same, you show your displeasure or bad temper to people who have nothing to do with him and even if they had it, in the same way you are affecting your step towards success.


12. Read more

Do you know how many books are read by successful people a week? At least one, but it’s something they do constantly and never leave it.

Personally, I try to read between 2 or 3 books a week depending on the time I have free.

One is usually about a novel of my favorite genre but the rest about motivation or one that I choose at random.

The books are a box of surprises that is full of teachings and something else depending on what you are looking for.

They have many more benefits than you think, including increasing your vocabulary and becoming someone with a philosophy of life more successful and positive.

Many successful people spend 50% of their day or even more reading.

Warren Buffett even invests 80%! and like Waqar Ahmed, he recommends reading what you like and will bring good things to your life. In fact, an example is that  reading is the best activity for the elderly  along with sports.

Learn other benefits that exist for the elderly in this article .

If you want to know more about why you should start reading more often, read the following article on reading benefits.


13. Rate the time alone

Some fear loneliness, others choose not to be alone out of simple boredom, but think for a few seconds about the things you can do alone.

Every day we need some time for ourselves and when you run away from solitude, you are running away from that quality time for yourself.

When I am alone and I get that time for myself , I dedicate myself to doing activities that I like, that give me motivation as well as other times I simply take a break from the course of the day.

However, what I do most during that quality time, is reflect and be alone with my thoughts, think about what is happening to me and my surroundings.

You must process each new thing well or even repeat something that influences your life in any way, as well as if you want you can think about recapping your entire day.

Instead of escaping from that time, take it and dedicate it to yourself and enjoy it as well as use it for reflection.


14. Exercise regularly

Mental health is something that you should always maintain at the healthiest level possible.

When I refer you to exercise regularly, it is not limited to physical but also mental, such as assembling puzzles, playing strategy games, any activity that puts your brain to work.

Now, in terms of physical exercise, you can have set your goals and be giving everything for what you want, but if you do not have a physical condition that helps you support all the energy you spend, then at some point you will have a relapse.

I exercise daily, and previously I was someone too lazy to do ANY activity that required physical effort.

However, spending hours writing and reading, although exercising my mind, the truth is that I was horribly neglecting the rest of my body in general.

This was one of the reasons why I started exercising. Previously, I got tired very easily even when I was not doing a physical activity and it was that, it burned so much energy but my body was not tolerating the amount that it demanded.

When I exercise, I have much more resistance in all aspects and that is precisely what you should have if you want to endure all the trot that will take you to be successful.


15. Improved communication

If you want to be successful, you need to learn to communicate clear and concise, in fact, this is one of the most important tips because in this way, you will avoid misunderstandings and express an idea perfectly.

This goes especially for those who want to be successful and, at the same time, leaders someday. 

If you are someone shy, who finds it difficult to express what they want or want, any failure you have in your communication is harmful so that you can relate to the rest of the people around you.

In addition, you will be missing many opportunities that could lead you to success simply because you can not say well some thought you have.

So, take time to improve your communication. It is not simply choosing the words well, but using the correct tone of voice and body language according to what you are trying to convey.

Sometimes you will have to be direct, like others, to fall in love with the audience or the person you are addressing with some other word.

Be someone who adapts to any conversation and environment that requires good communication.


16. Practice being grateful

You, me and every person in the world, need to learn and be more grateful to everyone around you even if it is in the smallest detail.

When you are someone successful or you want to be one, you will always have people or at least you will find some that will help you achieve that dream you so aspire to.

On the other hand, there will be people who will work for you, who will be your right hand and that is that throughout the path you walk, there will always be someone who deserves your gratitude.

So do not forget to be grateful. Besides showing that you really appreciate what others have done for you and your help, it makes you a better person.

Every day that goes by or every thing that I get from whoever it is, I always say at least a little “thank you”that shows that I really appreciate it.

If you have workers, show them that you are aware of their effort and thank them.

If they have helped you on your way to success, show those people that without them, the road would have been even more difficult.

Thank yourself for never giving up. 

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