15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 3/3

11. Get the best work team

Maybe at the beginning you can only take care of all the obligations.

But when your business begins to be known, the tasks will increase and you, even if you want, can not do it without help.

According to what you need, it publishes ads describing the position that is available and what you are looking for in that person.

Then, you should take the time to interview them. Do not rush.

It is not necessary that you hire the first one who crosses your door. Make sure that you really will be able to fulfill the responsibilities that work entails.

An employee more than being another burden for you, it should be a relief.

Also, keep good relations with them so that the atmosphere in your business is pleasant. Toxic environments could be enormously damaging.


12. Learn from your mistakes

Everyone here has made mistakes. Even the same mistake more than once. And it is completely normal. You are not an extraterrestrial, nor should you feel bad about that.

The errors are the facts that make you who you are today .

Without them you would not have been able to rectify and do things right. They are those who make you reconsider and become aware of the bad decisions you have made.

When you are an entrepreneur, you will make many mistakes. The key is to learn how to handle them. And that they do not handle you.

If one provider has failed you, look for another one. If the product had an error, accommodate it. If an employee is giving you a job, change it. Never give up.


13. Take care of legal matters

This advice will depend on the type of business you want to start.

In general, online businesses do not require any type of license or permission. But physicists do.

You better know them as soon as possible to avoid problems with justice.

The procedures that all physical business must do are: the registry of taxpayers, the mercantile registry, the social health insurance and the opening license.

The register of taxpayers is to notify you that you are going to start an economic activity . You will be registered as a new company.

In the mercantile registry you must register your business. There it will be registered so you can start.

Then, you must register in the social security (and your employees) so that you get the health insurance quote.

Finally, the opening license indicates that you have complied with all the previous requirements. It is mandatory Once you have it you can start trading in it.

Remember that in all countries the procedures vary . You must investigate what would be according to your country of residence.


14. Launches new products or services

At first, your client portfolio will be satisfied with what you have launched on the market.

But after a while they will want new products , never seen before. You must try to please them.

Make your imagination fly and include improvements and updates , according to the suggestions that your customers have made.

So those will keep hooked to your business and at the same time, they will be taken into account.

It’s about being innovative . Always go a little beyond the ordinary.


15. Enjoy the experience

Entrepreneurship is a long and difficult road in some cases, but the important thing is that you have decided to do it and that you must enjoy the journey.

What can be more rewarding than seeing your business flourish ? After everything you’ve done for him.

There will always be ups and downs, but the important thing is that you learn to see the positive side .

Live in the present, celebrate every little triumph and every goal achieved, enjoy every day where you have a thousand and one tasks to do to make your business a success.

In the end, you will realize that everything has been worth it.

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