15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 2/3

6. Exceeds your customers’ expectations

The enterprises that seek to excel are those that achieve greater rewards.

You should always aspire to better things , if you stay with the basics you will be one of the most.

That does not mean you’re going to go wrong, but would not you like your customers to be so satisfiedthat they would tell everyone their experience? Yes!

To exceed expectations, always stay in touch with your client, attentive to any complaint.

Always give them what they want and fast. There is nothing worse than waiting anxiously and ending up disappointed because it was not what you expected.

If you send what they wanted, but still are not satisfied, provides a friendly return.

Every time you maintain contact with your client, do it as well as possible.

You never know which of those opportunities he has marked and has exceeded their expectations.


7. Maintain good relations with your partners

Everything that happens within the business, no matter how small, may affect.

That is the main reason why you must maintain good treatment with your partners.

It is not necessary that both agree on everything. We all have different perspectives and ways of thinking about an event. It is totally valid.

The important thing is that when it comes to a problem, do not be rivals . On the contrary, they behave like partners that they are.

Everything has a solution, so you must find it and avoid problems affecting the business.


8. Do not be afraid of your competition

Having competition is not as bad as it seems. It means that there is a market willing to buy what you offer.

Each seller has a characteristic that distinguishes him and that makes him win customers. You will also have yours, so do not worry.

Talking bad about your competition or trying to overshadow it will make you look bad.

You just worry about doing your job as best you can.


9. Provide the best service to your customers

How many times have you got angry because one of the salesmen treats you with indifference ? Or simply do not pay attention … I bet many.

To provide excellent customer service you should make it feel at home . In confidence.

Treat them always as if they were friends, that there are no barriers . But always being very respectful (you will not want to go overboard).

In the case of an inconvenience, try to solve it as quickly as possible.

In this way the client will feel that you care and that he is not one of the bunch.

Good customer service also includes responding to comments and suggestions made on the website or on social networks. Do not forget them


10. Adapt to what is happening at the moment

It does not help that you worry about what happened in the past. That was left behind, past stepped.

But neither is it worth it to mortify yourself for the future . If you are doing everything right, what could go wrong? Focus on what is happening today.

Let things take their own pace and you will see how you feel better and more relaxed.

Give your best in each step you take. You will see how little by little what happened before does not matter anymore and your future is taking more shape.

Be careful, it is not about not thinking or planning the future. It’s about not letting it condition you.

Live and enjoy the present.

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