15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 1/3

We all can have ideas that at first glance seem profitable, but having the skills to carry them out requires a greater effort.

However, that can not stop you. So here I leave the best 15 tips for you to stand out as a successful entrepreneur.

1. Focus on dominating your market

Mastering the market is not so simple, but if you manage to do it … your future as the best entrepreneur is about to come.

To master the market you must first understand it . And with understanding it I mean to know exactly what they are looking for and what they want to buy.

You must find a hungry market that has not been exploited or developed yet. That will be the offer that you should take advantage of.

After you know what the client is looking for, try to understand it. Search opinions in forums, blogs.

Study your competition and based on that, analyze yourself and your product. Who will sell more?

If you are still not sure that you will sell more, I’ll leave you with the next task.

Create valuable content that engages anyone who sees it. Advertising is fundamental.

With that you will be able to dominate your market . They will know that by buying from you they will obtain greater advantages and benefits than if they buy from your competitors.


2. Study your potential clients thoroughly

If you already know what business you are going to undertake (or not yet), you should study your potential clients. It is mandatory, there is no other option.

Know what they do in their day to day, what they need or what bothers them. Everything counts.

It lets you know what are the business opportunities you have so you can get the most out of it. Go ahead to your competition.

Do not forget to take into account their age, gender, where they live and how much they earn per month.

What you should do is to go first to a segment and then, from that segment, choose an even more specific one. Always from the largest and most general, to the smallest.

Remember that there is always an opportunity, you just have to get it.


3. Take your investors into account

If you decide to start a business as a couple, with a friend, with a family member or with a co-worker … You must listen to it!

Like it or not, the person you have decided to incorporate into your business invested money in it. In the same way you did it.

So it deserves to know what happens and the decisions that have to be made. He deserves respect.

If only that person invested and you do not, then you should take it even more into account .

You need to hear it whenever you decide to make a complaint, or issue a comment or opinion. It is convenient for both of them that the business be successful.

It’s not about doing exactly what they tell you. It is about reaching an agreement where both are satisfied, since the money of the two parties is at risk.


4. Make all the publicity you can

Advertising, as I have repeated a thousand times before, is what determines whether you are going to make money or not.

As long as you have a good strategy , where you cover the media in which your client usually is.

You can advertise through traditional media such as brochures, flyers and newspapers.

Or if your client is more sophisticated (and your product too) online advertising is your best option. Through web pages or social networks … Anyone will do!

What you transmit is what the client can see about you and what you offer.

Therefore, you must have a marketing strategy to show the benefits you can enjoy when purchasing your product.


5. Do not lose patience

We know what to expect, despair (and a lot). But unfortunately for you and for all, success does not come overnight.

Therefore, you can not wait for your venture to make you a millionaire in a matter of days. It is a process that takes weeks, or even months.

The better your advertising strategy is, the faster you will get to know and sooner rather than later you will start generating profits.

It is better to take a little longer , doing things as they should be to be sure that your business will be maintained over time.

On the contrary, if you do it quickly and reluctantly, you may see its benefits at first , but then the picture will change.

You will have so many problems that you will not be able to solve any.

Slow but safe. Never forget.

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