30 tips to choose the best domain for your business: Part 2/3

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  1. If you intend to be visited from other countries, avoid the ñ at all costs.
  2. Register your domain as soon as possible . If you have more or less clear do not hesitate, register it will not be “stolen.” In addition, domains tend to be worth less than € 10, better not use it than not have it.
  3. Choose the .com domain as the first option . Your page will be well positioned around the world and the .com termination is the easiest to remember.
  4. If your business is going to focus only on your country, you can also use the generic of your country (Spain .es, Peru .pe, Mexico .mx, etc.). Your page will be well positioned in your country, but not outside.
  5. If possible, register all the possible options (.com, .es, .net, .org), this way you will avoid that competition appears with your same name.
  6. You can also register the plural or singular of your domain name, as well as the feminine and masculine, if possible.
  7. It is preferable that the domain is hosted in the same country as the website and the company , especially for positioning in that country.
  8. When you register, make sure that the registration is made in your name or that of your company. Avoid future legal problems.
  9. Before registering your new domain, ask for opinion from other people. Sometimes what seems like a great idea to us may seem ridiculous to others. Keep in mind other points of view.
  10. Use specialized tools to study different possibilities, such as Domain Name Generator or Domain Typo Generator.

30 tips to choose the best domain for your business: Part 1/3

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The choice of the domain is a fundamental part for any website . A good domain can help you with positioning if you include a keyword and can improve the brand image that your site transmits if it is attractive.

Every day it is more difficult to find an original domain, attractive and free, but with a little patience and imagination, we will find the ideal domain. Here are some general tips:

  1. Choose a domain that is easy to write , verbalize or spell. Think about whether you could give your domain by phone to another person easily. If so, it is a good domain.
  2. Choose a domain as short as possible . Big brands also use short names. Today there are no free .com domains of 1.2 or 3 letters left, hurry up!
  3. Choose a domain that is easy to remember . If the name has any meaning, you will make it easier, and if it is catchy you have a lot of livestock.
  4. If you can, buy a domain with antiquity . The search engines give more value to the domains with more years, so your website will be better positioned.
  5. If the domain contains any relevant keyword , you will have many points earned to appear in the first searches of that keyword, so if you can and it does not look too bad, take advantage.
  6. Choose a domain name that has something to do with your activity . At least it is intuited.
  7. If your company or startup already has a brand or original name, use this name for the domain and for the site in general, otherwise it could disorient your users.
  8. Avoid the middle (-) and low (_) hyphens . Many people do not know or get confused and could lead to errors, so you would lose visits and possible customers.
  9. For the same reason, avoid words of unclear spelling or unusual terms, there are no doubts. If people do not know how to write it …
  10. Also avoid the numbers in the domain. They do not like and they are not easily remembered.

15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 3/3

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11. Get the best work team

Maybe at the beginning you can only take care of all the obligations.

But when your business begins to be known, the tasks will increase and you, even if you want, can not do it without help.

According to what you need, it publishes ads describing the position that is available and what you are looking for in that person.

Then, you should take the time to interview them. Do not rush.

It is not necessary that you hire the first one who crosses your door. Make sure that you really will be able to fulfill the responsibilities that work entails.

An employee more than being another burden for you, it should be a relief.

Also, keep good relations with them so that the atmosphere in your business is pleasant. Toxic environments could be enormously damaging.


12. Learn from your mistakes

Everyone here has made mistakes. Even the same mistake more than once. And it is completely normal. You are not an extraterrestrial, nor should you feel bad about that.

The errors are the facts that make you who you are today .

Without them you would not have been able to rectify and do things right. They are those who make you reconsider and become aware of the bad decisions you have made.

When you are an entrepreneur, you will make many mistakes. The key is to learn how to handle them. And that they do not handle you.

If one provider has failed you, look for another one. If the product had an error, accommodate it. If an employee is giving you a job, change it. Never give up.


13. Take care of legal matters

This advice will depend on the type of business you want to start.

In general, online businesses do not require any type of license or permission. But physicists do.

You better know them as soon as possible to avoid problems with justice.

The procedures that all physical business must do are: the registry of taxpayers, the mercantile registry, the social health insurance and the opening license.

The register of taxpayers is to notify you that you are going to start an economic activity . You will be registered as a new company.

In the mercantile registry you must register your business. There it will be registered so you can start.

Then, you must register in the social security (and your employees) so that you get the health insurance quote.

Finally, the opening license indicates that you have complied with all the previous requirements. It is mandatory Once you have it you can start trading in it.

Remember that in all countries the procedures vary . You must investigate what would be according to your country of residence.


14. Launches new products or services

At first, your client portfolio will be satisfied with what you have launched on the market.

But after a while they will want new products , never seen before. You must try to please them.

Make your imagination fly and include improvements and updates , according to the suggestions that your customers have made.

So those will keep hooked to your business and at the same time, they will be taken into account.

It’s about being innovative . Always go a little beyond the ordinary.


15. Enjoy the experience

Entrepreneurship is a long and difficult road in some cases, but the important thing is that you have decided to do it and that you must enjoy the journey.

What can be more rewarding than seeing your business flourish ? After everything you’ve done for him.

There will always be ups and downs, but the important thing is that you learn to see the positive side .

Live in the present, celebrate every little triumph and every goal achieved, enjoy every day where you have a thousand and one tasks to do to make your business a success.

In the end, you will realize that everything has been worth it.

15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 2/3

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6. Exceeds your customers’ expectations

The enterprises that seek to excel are those that achieve greater rewards.

You should always aspire to better things , if you stay with the basics you will be one of the most.

That does not mean you’re going to go wrong, but would not you like your customers to be so satisfiedthat they would tell everyone their experience? Yes!

To exceed expectations, always stay in touch with your client, attentive to any complaint.

Always give them what they want and fast. There is nothing worse than waiting anxiously and ending up disappointed because it was not what you expected.

If you send what they wanted, but still are not satisfied, provides a friendly return.

Every time you maintain contact with your client, do it as well as possible.

You never know which of those opportunities he has marked and has exceeded their expectations.


7. Maintain good relations with your partners

Everything that happens within the business, no matter how small, may affect.

That is the main reason why you must maintain good treatment with your partners.

It is not necessary that both agree on everything. We all have different perspectives and ways of thinking about an event. It is totally valid.

The important thing is that when it comes to a problem, do not be rivals . On the contrary, they behave like partners that they are.

Everything has a solution, so you must find it and avoid problems affecting the business.


8. Do not be afraid of your competition

Having competition is not as bad as it seems. It means that there is a market willing to buy what you offer.

Each seller has a characteristic that distinguishes him and that makes him win customers. You will also have yours, so do not worry.

Talking bad about your competition or trying to overshadow it will make you look bad.

You just worry about doing your job as best you can.


9. Provide the best service to your customers

How many times have you got angry because one of the salesmen treats you with indifference ? Or simply do not pay attention … I bet many.

To provide excellent customer service you should make it feel at home . In confidence.

Treat them always as if they were friends, that there are no barriers . But always being very respectful (you will not want to go overboard).

In the case of an inconvenience, try to solve it as quickly as possible.

In this way the client will feel that you care and that he is not one of the bunch.

Good customer service also includes responding to comments and suggestions made on the website or on social networks. Do not forget them


10. Adapt to what is happening at the moment

It does not help that you worry about what happened in the past. That was left behind, past stepped.

But neither is it worth it to mortify yourself for the future . If you are doing everything right, what could go wrong? Focus on what is happening today.

Let things take their own pace and you will see how you feel better and more relaxed.

Give your best in each step you take. You will see how little by little what happened before does not matter anymore and your future is taking more shape.

Be careful, it is not about not thinking or planning the future. It’s about not letting it condition you.

Live and enjoy the present.

15 tips to be the best entrepreneur: Part 1/3

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We all can have ideas that at first glance seem profitable, but having the skills to carry them out requires a greater effort.

However, that can not stop you. So here I leave the best 15 tips for you to stand out as a successful entrepreneur.

1. Focus on dominating your market

Mastering the market is not so simple, but if you manage to do it … your future as the best entrepreneur is about to come.

To master the market you must first understand it . And with understanding it I mean to know exactly what they are looking for and what they want to buy.

You must find a hungry market that has not been exploited or developed yet. That will be the offer that you should take advantage of.

After you know what the client is looking for, try to understand it. Search opinions in forums, blogs.

Study your competition and based on that, analyze yourself and your product. Who will sell more?

If you are still not sure that you will sell more, I’ll leave you with the next task.

Create valuable content that engages anyone who sees it. Advertising is fundamental.

With that you will be able to dominate your market . They will know that by buying from you they will obtain greater advantages and benefits than if they buy from your competitors.


2. Study your potential clients thoroughly

If you already know what business you are going to undertake (or not yet), you should study your potential clients. It is mandatory, there is no other option.

Know what they do in their day to day, what they need or what bothers them. Everything counts.

It lets you know what are the business opportunities you have so you can get the most out of it. Go ahead to your competition.

Do not forget to take into account their age, gender, where they live and how much they earn per month.

What you should do is to go first to a segment and then, from that segment, choose an even more specific one. Always from the largest and most general, to the smallest.

Remember that there is always an opportunity, you just have to get it.


3. Take your investors into account

If you decide to start a business as a couple, with a friend, with a family member or with a co-worker … You must listen to it!

Like it or not, the person you have decided to incorporate into your business invested money in it. In the same way you did it.

So it deserves to know what happens and the decisions that have to be made. He deserves respect.

If only that person invested and you do not, then you should take it even more into account .

You need to hear it whenever you decide to make a complaint, or issue a comment or opinion. It is convenient for both of them that the business be successful.

It’s not about doing exactly what they tell you. It is about reaching an agreement where both are satisfied, since the money of the two parties is at risk.


4. Make all the publicity you can

Advertising, as I have repeated a thousand times before, is what determines whether you are going to make money or not.

As long as you have a good strategy , where you cover the media in which your client usually is.

You can advertise through traditional media such as brochures, flyers and newspapers.

Or if your client is more sophisticated (and your product too) online advertising is your best option. Through web pages or social networks … Anyone will do!

What you transmit is what the client can see about you and what you offer.

Therefore, you must have a marketing strategy to show the benefits you can enjoy when purchasing your product.


5. Do not lose patience

We know what to expect, despair (and a lot). But unfortunately for you and for all, success does not come overnight.

Therefore, you can not wait for your venture to make you a millionaire in a matter of days. It is a process that takes weeks, or even months.

The better your advertising strategy is, the faster you will get to know and sooner rather than later you will start generating profits.

It is better to take a little longer , doing things as they should be to be sure that your business will be maintained over time.

On the contrary, if you do it quickly and reluctantly, you may see its benefits at first , but then the picture will change.

You will have so many problems that you will not be able to solve any.

Slow but safe. Never forget.


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Please read below: The continuation of “10 TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE”

6.- Many psychiatrists and psychologists have always told me that I have hobbies that I like and dedicate myself to them: cinema, theater, music, etc. I mainly work in the cinema. I go to the cinema to do the criticism for the Ura Macarena blog and I usually watch many movies on television. Cinema enriches and enhances my imagination. I read magazines and books about cinema and it teaches me to fill my mind with good feelings. In the cinema I feel very protected and very comfortable. And at home I feel happiness when I watch movies. I invite everyone to have healthy hobbies to enrich your lives, to fill your times, to give meaning to what you do, to be able to say: I am capable of doing what I want with my time and nobody directs my life.
7.- Once, speaking with a psychologist about the things that I like, I said that traveling was a very healthy thing for me. She invited me to do it at least twice a year. That’s what I do: I usually go to Madrid, my second favorite city after Seville, in summer. And to Arcos de la Frontera, which this year I have changed for Aracena, for Christmas. Travel enriches the person a lot. You meet new people, you feel liberated in another environment very different from your usual one and you provide happiness to your most intimate self. I like to get lost in Madrid, for its thousands of streets. Feel an anonymous being in the marabunta of a big city, one more among millions of people. That anonymity gives me happiness, freedom, to feel comfortable with myself. I invite everyone to travel, economically as I do because I can not spend a lot of money because my pension is small, but it allows me to be four days out. You will feel new.
8.- Something very important that I learned from a philosophy teacher and a psychiatrist is that you have to learn to relativize. Not all problems are as fat as we thought at first. If we relativize, we will see the everyday realities smaller. Let’s not make a world of everything. Let us not let the anguish eat us. Let’s not let them be bigger than us. Let us triumph over our own evils and let us demonstrate how much we are capable of. Relativizing life is more bearable and big problems are minimized. The only truly urgent thing is health. She does take care of it, relativizing our mental problems to simply be happier.
9.- I learned from an old girlfriend, whom I left to marry the one who was my wife and who would later leave me, who is very important the relaxation, which leads meditation, to Zen. She was a true expert in this practice. He was able to take hours in the same posture and meditate, learning to leave the mind better and better blank. It’s hard for me to leave my mind blank. 
She was teaching me when I left her. I regret it, but it has no remedy. I do relaxation in the Ura. I almost always stay a little asleep when I practice relaxation in the Ura. The monitor does so well with her sweet voice that it is almost impossible not to fall asleep. And I am not the only one. More than one partner falls asleep. At home, many times when I am very nervous I relax and do a bit of meditation remembering what my old girlfriend taught me. She advanced quite a bit with her. I think if I had continued with her my life would have been very different. But already lamenting has no remedy. Thanks to having married I have a son, which I could not have with her. So you always have to try to look at the positive side of things. Almost everything has a positive side that you have to know how to look for. You just have to put some effort and be strong in times of weakness, which are many, and in times of despair, which are even more. But always relativize to be flexible with ourselves. NOT ALL MUST BE PERFECT.
10.- When I went to do the military I got rid of my nervous problems. Something good I got him to be bad with nerves. You already see that you always have to look for the positive side of events. The president of the Medical Court told me that what I really had to do was love, get out of myself and love life, people, things that I did. He told me that I was sick because I did not know how to love.
 It is curious the reflection that made me all a president of a Military Court. I failed love. And I think he was right. I have made many mistakes loving: my parents, my partners, my friends. I try to learn a little every day to really love. That is the last advice I give you: that you adequately love all the beings that are important to you. Come out of you, protected, and offer yourself to others with total sincerity. Always protected so as not to suffer more than the account. Loving is risky if we do not protect ourselves. From the military I got that teaching the time I was in the hospital admitted waiting for the ruling of the Court. I learned a lot. It has been more than 30 years and I am still an apprentice lover in the broadest sense of the word. Love fills everything. All creatures deserve a little of ourselves. And I regret the mistakes made by loving, which were more an act of selfishness than anything else. I failed a lot with my parents and I failed with my ex-wife, without being justified in leaving me because I could have been a little more flexible with myself. DO NOT STOP LOVING. It is my last advice.
I want to add finally that I often make mistakes by applying my own advice because they are not easy, but I keep on fighting. I am stronger than I think and I hope to be stronger day by day with all my weaknesses and my imperfections. I encourage you to keep going and to have strength of will and to draw strength from weakness when you feel the temptation of abandonment. Never give up Death will come and it will catch us living, not dying. There is the resurrection to raise your head again and say: I HAVE RESURRECTED. That is, I have survived my own self, my own limitations, my shortcomings and bad pretenses, my crises and my bad moments. Life is the triumph over death. And I believe that God exists and will help us make more sense of our life. Health and luck.


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Throughout my life I have always tried to learn from the good advice that psychologists and psychiatrists have given me, as well as friends and other people with whom I have been interacting. I did not want to be a mere passive object and I have always tried to learn to improve my life, although many times it costs more work than the account and the theory falls apart in a resounding way. But in those moments is when you have to apply the following motto: “The true winner is the one who never gives up. Sooner or later it will end up triumphing . ” That is to say, we must be patient, be more patient to wait for the triumph without failing, although we must draw strength from weakness anywhere, even where one believes there is nothing at all.
I wanted to make a kind of decalogue to lend a hand to all readers who read me faithfully every week. These tips are a brief summary of what I have learned throughout my life. These are my humble tips:
1.- A psychiatrist (I will not give names so that no one feels involved in my affairs and preserve confidentiality) once told me that I had to hold on to something that would cause me real hope to have her with me at all times. He asked me which soccer team was my favorite and I replied that Sevilla Football Club. It was the beginning of this golden age of Seville where he has won four UEFA Europa League cups and is on his way to the fifth if everything goes well. Then he told me to hold on to it, to the football team, to his triumphs, to make them my own. And I listened to him. I am a follower of Sevilla FC even more since then and I really enjoy their victories, although it is also true that now I am saddened more by their defeats, but they do not abound. Sevilla has a handicap that does not win away from home, but that is a minor problem because it is in the final of the Copa del Rey along with FC Barcelona, ​​in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals with Athletic Bilbao and sixth in the regular season. An excellent career that fills me with joy and allows me to put a bit of enthusiasm in my daily life and enjoy even more on weekends. I follow Sevilla in teletext, usually from Atresmedia. This is a reason for happiness and illusion, but there are as many as there are people. I invite those who are most desperate to look within themselves for a reason for the illusion as that psychiatrist told me. Surely they will find it because in life not everything is negative and also: LIFE CAN BE WONDERFUL. in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals with Athletic Bilbao and sixth in the regular season. An excellent career that fills me with joy and allows me to put a bit of enthusiasm in my daily life and enjoy even more on weekends. I follow Sevilla in teletext, usually from Atresmedia. This is a reason for happiness and illusion, but there are as many as there are people. I invite those who are most desperate to look within themselves for a reason for the illusion as that psychiatrist told me. Surely they will find it because in life not everything is negative and also: LIFE CAN BE WONDERFUL. in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals with Athletic Bilbao and sixth in the regular season. An excellent career that fills me with joy and allows me to put a bit of enthusiasm in my daily life and enjoy even more on weekends. I follow Sevilla in teletext, usually from Atresmedia. This is a reason for happiness and illusion, but there are as many as there are people. I invite those who are most desperate to look within themselves for a reason for the illusion as that psychiatrist told me. Surely they will find it because in life not everything is negative and also: LIFE CAN BE WONDERFUL. normally from Atresmedia. This is a reason for happiness and illusion, but there are as many as there are people. I invite those who are most desperate to look within themselves for a reason for the illusion as that psychiatrist told me. Surely they will find it because in life not everything is negative and also: LIFE CAN BE WONDERFUL. normally from Atresmedia. This is a reason for happiness and illusion, but there are as many as there are people. I invite those who are most desperate to look within themselves for a reason for the illusion as that psychiatrist told me. Surely they will find it because in life not everything is negative and also: LIFE CAN BE WONDERFUL.
2.- A psychologist once told me that when someone asked me how I was responding, well. By dint of repeating that I was fine I would get better. And that also works. Normally it is said: let’s throw. But it is more effective to say that we are well, even if it is not true, but psychologically one feels better and ends up feeling comforted, warm, blessed. In life there are many reasons to be wrong, but from time to time there are reasons to feel good. And that must be recognized: NOBODY IS BAD 24 HOURS A DAY. Well in good times we have to say that we are fine. And in the moments when we are bad we also have to say that we are well so that our mind gets used to the goodness of the feelings and to the simple and plain happiness.
3.- A psychiatrist, who just retired because he fell bad with nerves because of taking his profession to heart, told me once that above all to get out of my problems and my illness had to rely on myself . And if necessary, in someone or something else. And it’s true: ONE HAS TO GET OUT THE STRENGTH OF ITSELF. He can not wait for others to give him strength. It can not be waiting forever. Let’s see if so-and-so helps me, or to see if zutanito gives me what I need to be happy. That psychological pill of happiness we have to get from ourselves. We are our own strength, our main source of energy. And if we do not have enough, then resort to a person, but only to one, in whom to deposit our heart whenever it deserves it and to whom we do not bother. Or resort to something that is our source of security, our existence insurance. But above all is OUR OWN ENERGY. If we have a great capacity to suffer and harm ourselves, that capacity can also be used to get ahead and say: I HAVE GOT IT WITHOUT ANYONE’S HELP. That psychiatrist was absolutely right. I rely on myself before anyone else as a sign of love for myself and a fundamental application of the general principle of Christianity: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Well, that’s what it’s about: love of oneself, our virtues and also our shortcomings. similarly that capacity can be used to get ahead and say: I HAVE GOT IT WITHOUT ANYONE’S HELP. That psychiatrist was absolutely right. I rely on myself before anyone else as a sign of love for myself and a fundamental application of the general principle of Christianity: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Well, that’s what it’s about: love of oneself, our virtues and also our shortcomings. similarly that capacity can be used to get ahead and say: I HAVE GOT IT WITHOUT ANYONE’S HELP. That psychiatrist was absolutely right. I rely on myself before anyone else as a sign of love for myself and a fundamental application of the general principle of Christianity: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Well, that’s what it’s about: love of oneself, our virtues and also our shortcomings.
4.- When I was a child and my parents took me to the first psychiatrist, he told me to dedicate myself to something that I really liked. I told him that I liked to write, so I decided to dedicate myself to Literature with only 7 years. I combined my studies and my games with Literature. I was always writing, on the street above all, in some green notebooks that I had. I still have some of those green notebooks that I keep with a lot of love because they are my principles as a writer. Literature does not feed me. I have had to work in many jobs, I have paid Social Security enough to be entitled to a contributory pension. That now allows me greater freedom for creation. Those who follow me know of my published books. Right now I have my last book of poetry in the publishing house, last in all respects, entitled The nymphs of spite. I am working on my first novel titled Monologue in neurotic key. I have dedicated most of my time to this recently completed Holy Week. Literature gives me happiness and emotional stability. It helps me to evacuate everything I have inside me and it helps me to expiate my anguish and overcome my crises and bad times. 
I invite everyone to look for something that they really like so they invest their time in a positive way and make them feel better in every way, including the best person. Literature I feel that makes me a better person, that gives me extraordinary strength to live. When I sell my books it’s like sharing my life with everyone else. Although they are 100 books. I do not care about the amount. The important thing is to be myself in the others and to be myself in the literary creation. And enjoy happiness as much as possible. 

The next part of “10 TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE” will be out and publish on April 27 2019 – So stay tuned!

Advice to face the low temperatures in places where it is not usually cold

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Advice to face the low temperatures in places where it is not usually cold

The low temperatures have taken by surprise to many inhabitants of Mexico, mainly in the central region, where it is not usual that frosts are registered. According to a report from the National Meteorological Service , a cold front causes states in the north and center to experience temperatures below 5 degrees below zero. This will not be limited to a single event, because in this winter season there are still 35 cold fronts according to official estimates .

The population of the central zone and the Mexican Bajío are not accustomed to extreme cold. Data from the National Water Commission , the lowest temperature recorded in 2016 for these states was 2 degrees and no sub-zero temperatures were recorded, while the national minimum average was 15 degrees centigrade.

In social networks, the conversation has revolved around the low temperatures. In Coahuila a man published the photograph of a snow monkey that he made as a promise to his mother after 32 years without snowfall in the state, while a video of the city of Real de Catorce (San Luis Potosí) covered in snow has been shared more than 1,900 times on Facebook.

There are several tips that can be followed to conserve the temperature without spending a lot of money in the winter season. Verne consulted Tomás Luna, from Guanajuato with five years of living in Vancouver, where temperatures of up to -24 degrees Celsius are recorded, and Abraham Sánchez, architect of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

Choose your clothes wisely . More than using bulky items, what Luna recommends is to wear several layers of clothing that you can exchange depending on your activities. “An error that Mexicans make is to put on bulky or huge jackets that are sometimes very hot, but they are impractical because if you do some activity that makes you warm up, then you can not easily remove it because the weather is still cold,” says to Verne via telephone.

Collate several garments of different thicknesses and preferably natural textiles such as cotton, are the keys that gives the filmmaker of 36 years. “A shirt, a light sweatshirt and then one or more pieces on top that you can take off or put as the day progresses,” he says.

Footwear is also essential, especially if snowfall occurs. Although in Mexico, the volume of snow recorded is relatively low, there may be rain or sleet that can freeze the extremities. “Boots that are preferably waterproof help a lot so you do not get your feet wet,” says Luna.

On the other hand, although covering the head is important to maintain body temperature, doing it with exotic skin is not very helpful. “Those fur hats that look like Russians can be very flashy, but they do not really help against the cold,” says the Mexican. Wearing a knitted cap is the best way to conserve heat.

Eat healthily. Infusions and hot soups do help to warm up, according to Ángel Nieto , an internist at Hospital Clínico San Carlos. “In Canada you usually eat baked potatoes, with meat and also donuts and pretty sweet bread,” says Luna. If the person’s physical activity is low, it is not recommended that you eat fatty foods to avoid weight gain. In this case, a combination of carbohydrates of natural origin is suggested, such as rice and pasta and vegetables such as potatoes and other tubers.

Adapt your home According to the architect Sánchez, one of the simplest tips to conserve heat in a room is to focus on the windows, “sealing” them with plastic. “It can be anybody, although one that can be used is the self-adhesive type for lining notebooks. It is put in all the glass but particularly in the unions with blacksmith shop “, says to Verne via email.

The engineer also recommends not keeping the homes closed for a long time, to take advantage of the sunny moments that exist in the country in winter. “Passing midday it is convenient to open windows and let everything ventilate, but without exceeding: maximum about 20 minutes if the air outside is still frozen,” he says.

Frozen pipelines are the most frequent problems for Mexican homes, as the infrastructure of a house is usually not adapted to withstand temperatures below zero. “If you do not have a recirculation system it is very easy to freeze them and unless they are exposed it is impossible to apply heat directly (sometimes with a hair dryer you can do it if the pipe is visible),” says Sánchez .

The expert recommends emptying the pipe at night or at times when there is no use of water. “You close the main stopcock and you open all the keys, to prevent water from getting inside. In the morning you can open the stopcock and have it recirculate again “recommended.

If there is an imminent risk of freezing and the pipe is not visible, placing salt in water tanks or cisterns can prevent water from freezing, especially when temperatures are not so low, as salt delays or sometimes prevents freezing .

If you have more resources in the home, an electric heater can help maintain the temperature of the rooms, although they should be kept well ventilated and be careful of the regulation of the temperature according to the size of the room in which find


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  1. Before exposing yourself to the cold, cover yourself well! Properly protected before exposure to cold will prevent the body from losing heat. When a cooling chart starts (when we begin to feel cold), the body must invest extra energy trying to recover the temperature and it is something that causes fatigue. That’s why I always prevent it from happening. My first mountaineering and climbing teacher told me one day something I will never forget: Dany, if you feel cold it is too late. Always try to protect yourself long before you feel it. Always remember it!
  2. Always cover your mouth and nose! Breathing cold air directly causes the body to lose temperature and increases the risk of contracting diseases. And it is something very easy to deal with, you just have to bring something with you to put there as a barrier, that half warm the air before entering your body. And it is already depending on how cold it is, if you wear a simple scarf or a thermal neck, which also encapsulate the heat radiated by the body.
  3. Get dressed in layers! A suitable clothing by layers (with thermal interiors as I will show in the video) allows the air to circulate freely around the body, keeping it dry and encapsulating the heat. This guarantees an effective and comfortable protection at all times. In addition, it will allow you to adapt to changes in temperature when moving from closed to outdoor spaces, because if at some point you feel some heat, it is just taking one of the layers off and thus regulating the path. Ahh! and as a traveler it is important, because this way I avoid the use of heavy garments, which only make the body breathe more, moistening it and producing a rapid loss of heat.
  4. Cover your hands and ears. In cold environments, the brain sends more blood to the center of the body to protect the vital organs. This makes the extremities more prone and vulnerable to cooling. Therefore, good protection of hands, ears and feet is essential to maintain the temperature always at healthy and comfortable levels. It’s a little technical explanation, but it’s good that you know it, because this topic is my passion and here I am happy writing for you! I am more than a traveler, I am an adventurer of life, and there is nothing I like more than walking in the mountains.
  5. Please, do not use double media! And yes, believe it! It is something that most people still do when feeling cold and that before is counterproductive. Doing this will leave your feet so tight that, instead of retaining the heat, it will block the circulation of the air (and still, of your feet), generating not only discomfort, but a much greater cooling by the humidity. Rather, it uses thick woolen socks or high protection technical materials.
  6. Eat even better in winter. In a nutshell: intake more calories. In prolonged exposures to the cold, the body requires a greater consumption of liquids and a much higher diet of calories, as well as vitamins, especially A and C. Foods such as nuts, fruits and all kinds of sweets and healthy snacks, help a lot with the thermoregulation process, which is the body’s control system to maintain stable body temperature.
  7. Protect yourself from solar radiation. By this I mean you make good use of sunscreen, on the lips and skin. In addition to dryness and the risk of heat stroke, unprotected exposure dehydrates and alters the thermoregulation process, thus weakening the body.

16 tips to be successful in life – PART 2

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9. Find what you love and do it!

Successful people do not wake up one day and choose the first thing they see to do, they all got where they are because in addition to effort, it is something they truly love.

There is a big difference in doing something out of obligation to do something that you really enjoy and love. 

You will never put your 100% in an activity or goal that you deeply, do not want or would not mind fulfilling or not, so always look for what you want to do and pursue just that.

I started college in a different career than the one I ended up studying and believe me, both are polar opposites. 

But the reason why I gave up the first one is because all the time I thought that I wanted to, at the end it was not like that and I realized that it was not what I loved.

That’s why I changed and ended up doing another that to this day, I do not regret having made the change.

I do everything with passion and my 200% in effort and my goals are much simpler to pursue when it really is something I love.


10. Believe that if you can be successful

It will not help much if you set out to find your own goals if you do not think you can achieve them.

Besides the external agents to us and all those people who stop to tell us that we can not get something,the truth is that the biggest limitations are ourselves.

Why? Because you stop yourself by not believing in yourself and in having the capabilities to achieve whatever you set out to do.

There are many who do not even take the first step because they do not believe in themselves and that they have what is necessary.

When I started writing I did not have much confidence in myself and what I wrote, so I was delaying more and more taking that step of sharing or trying my luck somewhere.

I was always quite pessimistic so it was more than two years after I decided to take the step to start and just, throw myself without caring something else.

Of course, not in all the places that I tried I had a good critique or approval, but in others yes and that s ignifica everything for me and therefore, gave me much more confidence and encouragement to believe in myself.

You will not know the results until you try it and even if you fail, that does not mean that you do not comply with the “requirements” but that you only have to improve to reach and be able to climb that wall.


11. Control your emotions

Part of being successful is being able to control your emotions, be emotionally intelligent and behave at the height of the situation.

Without a doubt you must have had more than once those moments in which you want to go against everyone or want to show your joy to the fullest.

Each of your emotions can influence your thoughts and above all, your behavior, so you should always be aware of it and not give the wrong idea.

I’m not saying that you stop being an emotional person like the rest, but you do learn to manage them. 

It is not a question of repressing you and never showing them, but of doing it in the right and correct moment and situation .

You usually miss many opportunities to get carried away by a bad day and when you have something important just during that same, you show your displeasure or bad temper to people who have nothing to do with him and even if they had it, in the same way you are affecting your step towards success.


12. Read more

Do you know how many books are read by successful people a week? At least one, but it’s something they do constantly and never leave it.

Personally, I try to read between 2 or 3 books a week depending on the time I have free.

One is usually about a novel of my favorite genre but the rest about motivation or one that I choose at random.

The books are a box of surprises that is full of teachings and something else depending on what you are looking for.

They have many more benefits than you think, including increasing your vocabulary and becoming someone with a philosophy of life more successful and positive.

Many successful people spend 50% of their day or even more reading.

Warren Buffett even invests 80%! and like Waqar Ahmed, he recommends reading what you like and will bring good things to your life. In fact, an example is that  reading is the best activity for the elderly  along with sports.

Learn other benefits that exist for the elderly in this article .

If you want to know more about why you should start reading more often, read the following article on reading benefits.


13. Rate the time alone

Some fear loneliness, others choose not to be alone out of simple boredom, but think for a few seconds about the things you can do alone.

Every day we need some time for ourselves and when you run away from solitude, you are running away from that quality time for yourself.

When I am alone and I get that time for myself , I dedicate myself to doing activities that I like, that give me motivation as well as other times I simply take a break from the course of the day.

However, what I do most during that quality time, is reflect and be alone with my thoughts, think about what is happening to me and my surroundings.

You must process each new thing well or even repeat something that influences your life in any way, as well as if you want you can think about recapping your entire day.

Instead of escaping from that time, take it and dedicate it to yourself and enjoy it as well as use it for reflection.


14. Exercise regularly

Mental health is something that you should always maintain at the healthiest level possible.

When I refer you to exercise regularly, it is not limited to physical but also mental, such as assembling puzzles, playing strategy games, any activity that puts your brain to work.

Now, in terms of physical exercise, you can have set your goals and be giving everything for what you want, but if you do not have a physical condition that helps you support all the energy you spend, then at some point you will have a relapse.

I exercise daily, and previously I was someone too lazy to do ANY activity that required physical effort.

However, spending hours writing and reading, although exercising my mind, the truth is that I was horribly neglecting the rest of my body in general.

This was one of the reasons why I started exercising. Previously, I got tired very easily even when I was not doing a physical activity and it was that, it burned so much energy but my body was not tolerating the amount that it demanded.

When I exercise, I have much more resistance in all aspects and that is precisely what you should have if you want to endure all the trot that will take you to be successful.


15. Improved communication

If you want to be successful, you need to learn to communicate clear and concise, in fact, this is one of the most important tips because in this way, you will avoid misunderstandings and express an idea perfectly.

This goes especially for those who want to be successful and, at the same time, leaders someday. 

If you are someone shy, who finds it difficult to express what they want or want, any failure you have in your communication is harmful so that you can relate to the rest of the people around you.

In addition, you will be missing many opportunities that could lead you to success simply because you can not say well some thought you have.

So, take time to improve your communication. It is not simply choosing the words well, but using the correct tone of voice and body language according to what you are trying to convey.

Sometimes you will have to be direct, like others, to fall in love with the audience or the person you are addressing with some other word.

Be someone who adapts to any conversation and environment that requires good communication.


16. Practice being grateful

You, me and every person in the world, need to learn and be more grateful to everyone around you even if it is in the smallest detail.

When you are someone successful or you want to be one, you will always have people or at least you will find some that will help you achieve that dream you so aspire to.

On the other hand, there will be people who will work for you, who will be your right hand and that is that throughout the path you walk, there will always be someone who deserves your gratitude.

So do not forget to be grateful. Besides showing that you really appreciate what others have done for you and your help, it makes you a better person.

Every day that goes by or every thing that I get from whoever it is, I always say at least a little “thank you”that shows that I really appreciate it.

If you have workers, show them that you are aware of their effort and thank them.

If they have helped you on your way to success, show those people that without them, the road would have been even more difficult.

Thank yourself for never giving up. 

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